Meet the photographer


I believe the best portraits are the result of a partnership between you and me. I bring an understanding of great lighting, good body language (poses) and interesting locations. You bring you. Dress up, dress down. Be serious. Be playful. Be you. And together we make images you will love.

Gorgeous portraits happen when you're relaxed and enjoy the experience of being professionally photographed. It doesn't get any simpler than this. 

My style is timeless, luminous portraiture sprinkled generously with whimsical and candid moments.  I promise to expose your best side.     


My photography journey began shooting film and progressed to digital when it became clear that the medium was here to stay.  This new era of photography is exciting: endless creative possibilities with each image file!  

My interest in portrait photography grew from an awareness that most people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. I decided not to merely imitate posing ideas, but to focus on mastering how to photograph people so when they see images of themselves they honestly say: I love them!    

I value photography as a way to tell stories. The photographs we exist in represent who we are and what is important to us. These images celebrate what is beautiful and meaningful in our lives. They become priceless keepsakes for ourselves, for family and friends...and so future generations will know who we were.

I believe life is worth remembering.  How will you remember yours?    

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